The Do Nothing Machine was a indie-rock band from Rockaway N.J. It consisted of Ralph Chudley, James Theesfeld, Bryan C., John Fisher and during their final year Liz Norris. They existed from 2000 to 2004 during which time they released two records and played only a dozen shows. Though not well know, the band and music remains near and dear to the hearts of at least a few people who came along for the ride. In fact, as time passes it seems more and more people are discovering the little band with a big sound and realizing for themselves why The Do Nothing Machine is one of the finest gems in NotRock's catalog and history. Not satisfied with recording qualities of their first efforts, in 2005 the members of the band rerecorded their entire catalog of songs for a posthumous release simply titled "Anthology". This release would give a final truer representation of the band and it's sound (at least for now).